In the state Duma proposed to limit the size of contributions to the party

In the state Duma a bill to limit the maximum size of membership and entrance fees in the party to 4.3 million rubles per year. The corresponding document was registered in the Duma database on Friday, July 28.

Its author was made by the Chairman of the Duma Committee for security and combating corruption Anatoly Election.

Changes are proposed to the law “On political parties”. In the explanatory note to the document notes that the size limit for party contributions — one of the recommendations given to you by the Group of States against corruption (GRECO) the Russian authorities, the evaluation of the legislation of the country. The organization believes that the absence of thresholds can be a tool of the shadow financing of political parties.

The amendments propose to establish a “maximum amount of entrance and (or) membership dues of one member of the party during the year, $ 4 million 330 thousand rubles,” similarly limits the amount of donations from individuals during the year.

In addition, the GRECO experts pointed out a significant discrepancy between the legal requirements for disclosure of donations and party dues. Now the data about donors need to be disclosed at admission of 20 thousand rubles and more for party account, the same information about the member of the party recorded in the financial statement in case of excess amounts of entrance and membership fees 4.33 million rubles, reports RNS.

In connection with this Election believes that it is possible to exclude the current rules on the disclosure of party information about members whose contributions exceeded $ 4.33 million rubles, replacing it with a provision that gives the right to set a limit on the amount for disclosure of the Central election Commission.

The MP believes that in this way the requirements on disclosure of information for donations and contributions will be adjusted.