“Alignment balance”: the reaction of Russian politicians to the actions of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation in the USA

The building of the foreign Ministry of the Russian Federation

© Roman Canasuc/TASS

Russia has in response developed new anti-sanctions reduces the number of American diplomats in Russia to 455 and closes access from August 1 to the Embassy dacha in Serebryany Bor.

On 27 July, the US Congress completed its voting procedure under the new law, which tightens restrictive measures against Russia.

What is happening comment on Russian politics.

“Restore equality”

Vice-speaker of the state Duma Irina Yarovaya called the response of the Russian foreign Ministry alignment balance.

“Decisions of the MFA of Russia in relation to American diplomats, is the solution that was originally proposed and adopted by the United States in a time when they felt a possible violation of international law, committed totally unacceptable and frankly rude acts against our diplomats,” said Spring-TASS.