Scientists have created a bandage that can seal the “broken” heart

Scientists have created a bandage that can seal the “broken” heart

MOSCOW, 27 Jun — RIA Novosti. Chemists from Harvard University have created an unusual adhesive that sticks to wet surfaces and allows you to glue almost any tissue of the human body, including damaged heart muscle, according to a paper published in the journal Science.

One of the main problems for surgeons in the operating rooms and military on the battlefield is that all existing methods of stop of bleeding and elimination of the RAS have major disadvantages. For example, “stitching” wounds surgical thread requires a large amount of time and the usual super-glue, the most convenient and reliable means for gluing wounds is very toxic and fragile material.

In recent years, scientists have high hopes for synthetic analogues of glue shells with which they attach to the rocks. This substance works well under water, but his strength was too small to glue the torn cartilage, ligaments, muscles and other organs.

On average, the “glue shellfish” and other adhesives, safe for the body, keep the adhesive surface is about 80-100 times worse than cartilage and connective tissue. This makes them absolutely useless for operations, as they glued the wound or the bone will be permanently open or break when making sudden movements.

Such considerations compelled the David Mooney (David Mooney) and his colleagues to look for other ways to create a new version of biological “superglue” that is compatible with living tissues and thus has high strength and capable of withstanding repeated bending and stretching.