In the liberal democratic party stood up for the inattentive to the financial reports of the candidates muncipality

Boris Chernyshov

Candidates in the municipal deputies of the fuss from the liberal democratic party, which had submitted to the territorial electoral Commission (TEC) financial reports with zero costs “on the girls rosy” and “kickbacks”, will make edits to the documents. This was stated by the Deputy of the state Duma from LDPR Boris Chernyshov, RIA Novosti reported on Thursday, July 27.

According to him, the first financial report — “standard paper”, a form which can be downloaded from the untrusted source. “It’s just the carelessness of people and the first attempt to pass the documents, actively start your job. Just have not checked what they had sent, they gave to the check,” said the MP, explaining what is inaccurate.

The incident, said Chernyshov, not a reason to deny the liberal Democrats in registration. “There was an error and was. Today or tomorrow the most, what they will do, they will submit the documents to the territorial Commission, new first financial report, officially asks the territorial Commission to fix it,” he added.

Reports with relevant data submitted Sergey Ershov, Vladimir Rasov, REM Drobot, Andrei Sherstyuk, Plato Greeks, Victor Balkars, Karen Uranian and Leonid Bronevoy. Scan documents, certified by the members of the electoral Commission, published on the website of “Bulletin of the Moscow city election Commission”. In the columns under the numbers 3.5 and 3.6 indicated that these types of services the liberal Democrats have not spent a penny.

In the liberal democratic party insist on the version about the forgery. It is noted that he alleged occurred as a result of breaking party server, which sends reports.

Acceptance of documents from candidates officially ended on July 24. The municipal election will be held in Moscow on 10 September.