Gathered in presidents of Russia Barsik the cat wanted to return to Alaska

Cat Barsik, who through the social network “Vkontakte” declared his presidential ambitions, believes it necessary to return Alaska to Russia. Published on Wednesday, July 26 post on behalf of the mustachioed “politics” dedicated to his recently deceased “colleague” Stubbs is the mayor of the American city of Talkeetna.

“Talkeetna is on the Alaska — US state, which until 1867 was the territory of the Russian Empire. And I’m like a cat-the patriot can’t leave this city without power. I am willing to offer the citizens of his candidacy for honorary mayor until the election of the President of Russia. And then time will show”, — stated in the message.

The post also notes that as the mayor, the cat is ready to defend and promote the interests of Alaska. “One of the first steps will be the preparation and ajitirovanne for the return of the Peninsula to Russia, the result of which will be the holding of a referendum on this issue”, — said the cat. This step fits in his election program as a candidate for President of Russia. The cat believes that it would be logical after the reunification of Russia with Crimea.

He announced that he will nominate his candidacy for the presidential elections in December 2016. His slogan — “Barsik does not vote only the mouse!” Hometown animal — Barnaul, where in the online voting, he beat out the other candidates for the post of head of administration of capital of the Altai territory.

Snow leopard called for the return of Vice President, which he is willing to offer in Wisconsin. The Minister of culture in the case that snow leopard will lead the country, expressed a desire to become Vyborg kot Filemon.

The Russian presidential election will be held in 2018. By law, the elected President will hold office for six years. The current leader of the country Vladimir Putin has the right to run, but he has not announced such an intention. But it the leader of LDPR Vladimir Zhirinovsky, businessman Sergei Polonsky, who was recently released by the court, and opposition leader Alexei Navalny, whose admission to elections is unlikely because of the conditional terms.