Four people were killed in an accident with transporting to Anapa children bus

Four people were killed in the Krasnodar region in the collision of a passenger car with the bus eight passengers were hospitalized, reported the press service of the regional interior Ministry.

It is reported that the bus was carrying children from the Crimea to Anapa.

Police learned about the accident at around 05:30 on Thursday, July 27. The incident occurred near the village of Ilyich Temryuk district near the Kerch ferry. 32-year-old driver of VAZ-21111 left on a strip of oncoming traffic and collided with a scheduled bus Mercedes, his shot was thrown to parked on the side of the trucks.

At the moment of collision in the bus there were 33 people, including the driver, who was killed on the spot. Two passengers of VAZ-21111 and 47-the summer passenger of the bus also died. Eight bus passengers were hospitalized with injuries of different severity.