Valentina Matvienko has summed up results of spring session of chamber


In the fall of the Federation Council is waiting for a small rotation, which takes place annually on the results of the single voting day. According to the speaker, of the 20 regions, where elections of governors and legislatures, six or seven regions will send to the house of representatives.

Speaking of the spring session, Matviyenko said the increased legislative activity of colleagues in the upper house. “Senators on their own or in collaboration with the state Duma deputies introduced 98 bills, some of them have already passed,” she said.

Active senators was and internationally – accepted foreign delegations visited other countries. Inter-parliamentary dialogue – “this is a good opportunity to bring real, what is the essence of Russian foreign policy”, said the Chairman. Under the auspices of the Federation Council have passed several international forums, is in full swing preparing for the 137th inter-Parliamentary Union Assembly (IPU), which will be held in October in St. Petersburg. At the event, according to Matvienko, the Russian side will be pleased to see parliamentarians of all countries, even those in the MPs is not included. In particular, the United States, which are not included in this oldest inter-parliamentary organization, there is still time to join it, and if they do, you can come to Russia as participants or observers, said the head of the Federation Council.

Autumn new senators delegated to six or seven regions

Another inter-parliamentary structure, PACE, remain without the participation of Russia, and soon the silence of such a large member of the Council of Europe could be costly to the Assembly. And it is not even freezing part of the membership fee, which Russia went, given the absence in Strasbourg goodwill to return the credentials of the delegation of the Russian Federation. The severity of the situation, according to Matvienko, lies in the fact that next year, the Assembly will approve of the judges of the ECHR and the Secretary General of the Council of Europe. “If there is no vote, one delegation, these people appointed without our participation, will not be legitimate,” she said, stressing that the time to avoid a systemic crisis, there is less.

During the autumn session, the senators will continue to work actively on inter-parliamentary venues. Planned expansion of the space of dialogue between the authorities and society inside the country. Matvienko noted that senators meet regularly with the residents of their regions, including those who are dissatisfied with the actions of the authorities. There are many formats, but their range is far from exhausted. “For the fall session we plan to expand the practice of meeting in the Federation Council from the different organizations, NGOs, civil society institutions on the most pressing problems,” she said. Besides, Matvienko underlined that Russia will take measures to prevent foreign interference in the presidential election. “Today, there is information and attempts to influence certain segments of society within the framework of unbridled Russophobic information policy”, – said the head of the Federation Council. “And, of course, we see the intensification of these destructive forces in connection with the upcoming main event in our domestic politics – the election of the President,” she said. “Every such act will not be tolerated, action will be taken to prevent such actions,” – said Matvienko.