The Council of judges praised the wedding of the daughter of a colleague in the Krasnodar

Elena Khakhaleva

The cost of the wedding of the daughter of judge Elena Kahalewai in the Krasnodar region amounted to five million rubles. To such conclusion the regional Council of judges on the results of the inspections, reports “Interfax”.

“The tests are done, results are already there. All information about the cost of a wedding in 2 million dollars that the wedding was arranged and funded by the judge of regional court Elena Khakhaleva, totally untrue,” — said the Chairman of the Council of judges of the Vladimir Kislyak.

According to him, all documents confirming it, are at the disposal of the Council. The customer of the event were made by the bride’s father, ex-husband of judge Robert Hachalav. All payment documents exhibited to his name, said Kislyak.

“As a wedding gift, we have also sent requests to the traffic police. We received the answer that the bride is Sophia the vehicle do not appear, and for her fiance — Vadim — listed vehicle Toyota Highlander, which was registered in 2015 and cannot be used as a wedding gift,” added the Chairman of the Board.

Earlier, on 19 July, the Council of judges submits other data received by results of check of messages about spending on the wedding of the daughter of a judge Kahalewai. Then the Council came to the conclusion that Russian pop stars agreed to take part in the festival without fees. The cost of the organization of the celebration has not exceeded 2.5 million rubles.

The wedding of the daughter of the judge of the Krasnodar regional court was held on June 10, a video from the event appeared online a few days later. The event was attended by pop stars, and was estimated at two million dollars.

According to official data from the website of the regional court, in 2016 the income of Kahalewai amounted to 2.6 million rubles.