Like bright socks have become a passport to the world of fashion and politics

Like bright socks have become a passport to the world of fashion and politics

Once wear socks with sandals were considered a sign of bad taste. Now it’s a fashion trend that tight at the heel, no need to hide neither men nor women. “Газета.Ru” tells how socks have become the main focus in the image.

Traditionally, business dress code prescribed to gentlemen pick up socks in the color of the pants, but the rebels, not wishing to accept the customs, is always there — even in 2008, the composer Michael Nyman in concert at the Tchaikovsky Hall in Moscow shook the audience, among other things, concert red socks under black trousers. Love the bright socks and the famous George H. W. Bush: 41st President of the USA has appeared more than once in public appearances in socks striped with the pattern of the American flag with a picture of Superman, and so on. Even bill Clinton, once coming to Houston to visit the Bush, as a gift brought him a pair of bright socks with funny pictures.

Bill Clinton has visited the ailing George H. W. Bush and gave him the socks (these I do not have)

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Today: the main trend-setter among politicians is the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau.

At business meetings he usually appears in a suit and funny socks with a skull or a maple worksheet.

A couple of months ago, the Prime Minister and all came out in colorful socks: at the meeting with the Prime Minister of Ireland Andoy Kenny on the right foot Trudeau was spotted yellow sock and on the left side blue. Print was the image of characters in the universe of “Star wars” droid R2-D2 and the droid C-3PO. (So strange, at first glance, the act explained by the fact that the meeting of Prime Ministers took place on 4 may — a day traditionally considered “Star wars Day”.).

These are the socks you’re looking for. #MayTheFourthBeWithYou#GuerreDesÉtoiles

— Justin Trudeau (@JustinTrudeau) may 4, 2017
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Justin Trudeau showed Angela Merkel, the socks with the logo of NATO ? @bundeskanzlerin #instadaily #bestofthephoto #bestphotooftheday #justintrudeau #merkel #justintrudeau #Merkel #storyfortheglory

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Interest in socks with prints also shown by the representatives of the Russian authorities. Some time ago on instagram appeared hashtag #sockschallengerussia, where you can find dozens of pictures of male feet, clad in colored socks with Santas, bears and other amazing creatures. Your interest in bright accents image showed the Deputy chief of staff of the mayor and Moscow government Evgeny Kozlov, first Deputy Executive Director of Russian Managers Association and a member of the public chamber of Moscow Vadim Kovalyov, the Director of “Mogaltur” Vasily Ovchinnikov.

According to Vadim Kovalev, a flash mob began with the desire to add color to the gray office days. “We all work a lot and well, sometimes there is a reason to digress a bit and smile. We noticed that all around were encouraged by this story, though there are costs, now all my friends decided on the gift and bringing me new socks from all over the world!”. However, the ancestors of the ideas of the representatives of the Russian authorities themselves do not believe, claiming that the bright socks are the norm for gentlemen.

Bright socks — attribute-confident person, able to form and defend their own opinion, to change the rules. So it is absolutely natural that a lot of people in business and politics.Vadim Qualityfactor “Mogaltur”

Now a fun hobby of politicians has turned into a massive trend. The publication Business Of Fashion called socks the “new secret weapon” fashion. Once they were only interested in retailers mass market and specialized companies for the production of hosiery, but now the situation has changed. As BoF says, now designer brands began to cultivate once overlooked their category.