The Deputy of LDPR proposes to allow teenagers to register as an individual entrepreneur with 14 years

The Deputy of LDPR proposes to allow teenagers to register as an individual entrepreneur with 14 years

Andrey Svintsov believes that the teenager 14-16 years — “it is intellectually almost formed person with their own opinion on different issues.”

MOSCOW, July 24. /TASS/. Deputy Chairman of the Duma Committee on information policy, information technologies and communications, Andrei Svintsov (LDPR) will add Monday to the lower house of the Parliament a bill which proposes to allow minors to register as individual entrepreneur with 14 years, but with the consent of legal representatives. A copy of the document available to the TASS.

The amendments are to be introduced in the RF Civil code (RF CC). “Minors in age from fourteen till eighteen years have the right to engage in entrepreneurial activity, with the written consent of their lawful representatives — parents, adoptive parents or Trustee,” reads the draft law.

In the explanatory note the author reminds that currently the Russian civil code to engage in entrepreneurial activities can a citizen, recognized as fully capable, an adult, and if his activities are not restricted by injunctions. In accordance with article 21 of the civil code responsibility for own actions fully vested in the persons whose age reached 18 years of age. “However, for business there are exceptions that allow you to become an individual entrepreneur and up to the age of 18 years,” he said.

So, according to the developer, article 27 of the civil code States that “minors under 16 years of age can be declared fully capable if he works under an employment contract, including contract, or with the consent of parents, adopters or Trustee is engaged in business activity”. “This process of emancipation can make the bodies of guardianship and guardianship or court. In the first case requires the consent of both parents (guardians), but if one of them opposes, for emancipation is possible to appeal to court,” he says.

Besides, to become completely capable before reaching 18 years of age can join for good reasons married 16 years. However, in 18 regions of Russia (Tatarstan, Moscow, Tyumen, Chelyabinsk, Samara and several other areas) have laws that allow marriage at the age of 14 years. “Thus, legally in this region during the marriage can become an entrepreneur before the age of 16 years,” concludes liberal Democrat. In his view, this situation creates inequality of Russian citizens living in various regions of the country and of different marital status.