The British reported found off the coast of Iceland to the Nazi gold

The British reported found off the coast of Iceland to the Nazi gold

A group of British treasure hunters found a sunken ship with a container, which can be four tons of gold that belonged to Nazi Germany. On Sunday, July 23, writes the Daily Mail.

Team members Advanced Marine Services (“Best marine service”) believe that they had found 120 miles South-East of Iceland, the object is a German ship SS Minden, carrying in September 1939 the gold from South America to Germany and flooded on Hitler’s orders after he was tracked down by the British military.

The British expect from the authorities of Iceland permit the opening of the container located on the ship. It, presumably, is gold, the total value of which exceeds £ 100 million (about $ 130 million). Thus, as specifies the edition, treasure hunters believe that the found treasure should belong to them.

In the spring of Reykjavik expressed concern about the unauthorized actions of Britons in Icelandic territorial waters. The guards found the team Advanced Marine Services operating on leased in Norway the platform Seabed Constructor. None of the British could not clearly explain to the guards what they are doing. According to the head of the coast guard of Iceland Georg Larusson, hunters had no permission to work.

According to Icelandic law, the finder of the treasure of gold or silver in the country, the government compensates one-tenth of the value of the findings and costs of the search. The gold itself becomes the property of the state.