A suicide bomber detonated a bomb in Kabul

A suicide bomber detonated a bomb in Kabul

Moscow. July 24. INTERFAX.RU — Car suicide bomb exploded in one of the Western districts of Kabul, said Monday the Agency Associated Press referring to local police.

The Afghan Ministry of health reported two dead. At least two injured, the severity of their injuries is not yet established. According to various sources, were killed or received damage from 10 to 20 people.

?URGENTE: #Afganistán Atentado con un coche bomba se registra en #Kabul, hay al menos 20 muertos y varios heridos.

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In the Western part of Kabul, home to some of the political leaders, for example, Muhammad Mohaqiq, representative of ethnic Hazara. Earlier, in the area already, an explosion occurred that took the life of Husseinzade Ramadan, a prominent representative of the Shiite clergy and the Khazar community.