The popularity rating of Makron fell by ten points

The popularity rating of Makron fell by ten points

The popularity rating of French President Emmanuel Macron decreased by 10% to 54%. It is reported by the French newspaper Journal du Dimanche, citing the results of surveys conducted by the publication.

According to the newspaper, the largest fall this month was former President Jacques Chirac when his popularity dropped by 15 points between may and July 1995.

Despite the drop, the Macron remains high compared to its predecessors. So, the work of fran├žois Mitterrand in September 1981, was approved by 48% of French, Franus Hollande in July 2012, was supported by 56% of French citizens. The publication notes that one of the best indicators approvals showed Nicolas Sarkozy in July 2007. It was approved by 66% of the French.

According to the newspaper, the rating of Makron affected by the crisis associated with the military budget and the concerns of the pensioners growth of social contributions and the upcoming reform law. The newspaper reported that some respondents believe that the Makron will not fulfill its campaign promises, but some noted that the new President is different from its predecessors.

As reported by the Washington Post on July 19, macron stated desire to cut the military budget. To this statement the defence Minister of France Pierre de Villiers has asked the President to dismiss him. In his letter to the French President the head of the defense Ministry said that in the case of budget cuts it could not guarantee the safety and security of France. Macron fired Villers and appointed in his place fran├žois Lecointre. At the moment, the military Paris spends 1.78% of GDP.