Medvedev took a ride on a driverless bus

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev before a meeting on the development of electric vehicles took a ride on a driverless bus “Shuttle”. About it on Friday, July 21, according to RIA Novosti.

The Prime Minister presented the only released model of the vehicle. “In March 2018, we will have four such instance. You might receive approval to use it on the world Cup”, — said the Deputy General Director, State scientific centre NAMI Alexey Gogenko.

Moreover, Medvedev got acquainted with the work of the Department of electrical engineering and electronics for vehicles of the scientific enterprise. The Prime Minister was shown the stage of development of modern electronic and hybrid cars.

According to Medvedev, the government adopted a decision to allocate about 600 million rubles of subsidies to Russian manufacturers of unmanned vehicles, and this amount in 2018 is increased.

In November last year, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin spoke about the plans to develop a number of unmanned aerial vehicles for use in closed areas in trade, and manufacturing. In 2015, the Russian truck manufacturer KAMAZ announced the development of unmanned dump trucks, suitable for use in the Outback.

The Chairman of Russian government often tries to control appliances. In January 2016 during a visit to the St. Petersburg tractor plant, Medvedev took the wheel of the combine К708 that the producers themselves called “Kirill”. In February of the same year during a visit to the Tver railway carriage plant, he drove a few meters to the tram “Vityaz”. In October 2009, Maloarhangelskom district of Oryol oblast, Medvedev took the wheel of the harvester to aid in harvesting sugar beets.