Half-naked girls rolled across the Penza on the convertible with the inscription “Call”

In social media published pictures with naked girls who ride in the convertible in Penza. The images posted in the group “It’s Penza, Carl! News of the Penza region” in “Vkontakte”.

Judging by the photos, the rear of the machine is a sign that says “Call”.

“… It’s a win, friends, now in Penza the propagation of immorality in overt form. July 21, the streets of Penza drove the car that adorned their bodies, the girls in the calling underwear”, — stated in the post.

The author pointed out that women “with the purpose of advertising” showed his body and drank alcohol. “There is no morality, dignity, no respect to themselves and to others, without shame or conscience”, — stated in the publication.

Many commentators saw nothing wrong in the incident. “This is a common publicity stunt. All within the legal field. Everything else is in Sunday school,” atmailopen of the users. According to another, “the author is probably just hurt that this car was not taken for a ride”.

Some agreed with the user who wrote the post.

What was advertised by the girl, not specified.