Ask a question to Putin, the student will be able to study for free in two specialties

The President of Russia Vladimir Putin and the participants of the “Grown-up conversation with Vladimir Putin” in Sochi

A student of the Central music school (CMS) at the Moscow Conservatory, Maria Andreeva, asked the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, will be free to study at the second specialty. About it “” on Sunday, July 23, announced the Deputy Director of Department of science and education, culture of Russia Svyatoslav Golubenko.

“The question of Mary, of course, encouraged to find solutions to the problems associated with the fact that many talented children in the music schools want to master two majors. The Ministry of culture has taken this issue under control, and we together with the expert community will develop a mechanism that will allow you to master two majors, but at the same time would not contradict the current legislation in the field of education,” said Golubenko.

Speaking about the question asked by a student of CMS, Golubenko said that in school he was up at the end of the school year and the decision was actually found. “We understand that paying for the same lessons — it is absurd”, — commented the Director of the CMS Valery Pyasetsky.

According to him, the problem could be the payment of student grants or personal scholarships which will pay for the lessons in the second specialty. “Watch majoring in the piano is not such big money, so in any case we will find a solution”, — he stressed.

At the same time, the Director of the CMS emphasized that such decisions need to be unique. In his opinion, the professional community, together with the Ministry of culture we need to develop a solid criteria that will allow you to select gifted children and do not conflict with domestic law.

21 July meeting with Putin in Sochi the pupil’s center “Sirius” Maria Andreeva asked to cut the cost of training in the second specialty. She said that studying at the Central music school at the Moscow Conservatory, and she is playing on two instruments — violin and piano. According to her, in the specialty “violin” she learns on the budget Department, and to receive a diploma and a piano, you have to pay full tuition, but for the most part the items are the same.

Currently it is allowed to study for free is only one specialty within the same level of education, such as secondary professional or higher (including with the simultaneous development of two programs).