As a result of shooting at the Embassy of Israel in Jordan a man died

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At least one person was killed in the shooting at the Israeli Embassy in Jordan. On Sunday, July 23, reports Reuters, citing a source in power structures of the Kingdom.

The incident happened in the afternoon in the prosperous district of the capital Amman. The area around the Embassy cordoned off. Other details, the Agency said.

In turn, RIA Novosti with reference to the Jordanian Agency Ammon writes that unknown persons tried to break through the security cordon of the Embassy, and then began shooting. A citizen of Israel with serious injuries was taken to the hospital.

18 December 2016, the terrorists took hostages, including foreign tourists, a medieval castle of the Jordanian city of Karak. The attack involved about 10 militants, killing nine people — five of them law enforcement officers, three local residents and a tourist from Canada, caught in the crossfire. About 30 people were injured.

The same day armed men attacked a patrol of security forces and opened fire on the gendarmerie in a town in the South of the Kingdom. After this they took refuge in and popular tourist strongholds of the crusaders, and for several hours resisted the law enforcement officers surrounding them.