The court dismissed undressed when Poroshenko and Lukashenko Femen activist

The Pechersky district court of Kiev did not arrest the activist of the movement Femen angelina Dias, laid bare before the presidents of Ukraine and Belarus, Petro Poroshenko and Alexander Lukashenko. On Saturday, July 22, on his page on Facebook said her lawyer Yaroslav Yatsenko.

“Angelina preventive measure in the form of personal commitments with the delivery of the passport”, — he wrote.

On 21 July, the lawyer said that his client is charged with part 3 of article 296 UK of Ukraine (“Hooliganism with resistance”). According to the legislation, to it threatens till five years of imprisonment.

The incident involving Diaz occurred the afternoon of July 21, the signing ceremony of bilateral documents in Kiev, which was attended by Poroshenko and Lukashenko. Half-naked black woman shouted the slogan “long live Belarus!” it was written all over her body.

Later one of the founders of Femen Anna Gutsol explained that Dias were just trying to Express the attitude of the movement towards Belarus leader’s visit to Kiev.

Femen is unregistered women’s movement (mainly immigrants from the Ukraine), known for outrageous promotions. As a rule, to attract attention at various public events, the activists used their naked body. Since 2008. The first campaign was held mainly in Kiev, since 2012, the band moved the activity to other European countries. The founders of the movement were Anna Hutsol, Alexandra Shevchenko and Inna Shevchenko.