The cameras will be fine for another violation

The cameras will be fine for another violation

The first such complexes fotovideofiksatsii can set in Moscow.

That on the capital’s roads can appear camera registering exit vehicles on separate tramways, said in an interview with the Agency urban news “Moscow” General Director of GUP “Mosgortrans” Yevgeny Mikhailov.

Separate ways is the same dedicated lane created especially for tramway. If the paths are separated and marked as a dedicated lane, and it will not help to prevent harmful interference to the tram from the illegal exit of a foreign transport, it is, of course, at these points will put the camera retainer away on the strip with subsequent fines to drivers.Evgeny Mikhaylov

Mikhailov also noted that all the tram and about 200 bus routes will be transferred to the clock schedule by 2020.

Recall that from June 1, entered into force, two new standards — GOST R 57144-2016 and GOST R 57145-2016 establishing technical requirements to the complexes of fixing of violations of traffic rules and rules of their application.

So, in Standards it is written that the complexes can be radar, laser, inductive, magnetic, and piezoelectric. They must all measure speed in the range from 20 km/h to 250 km/h. the probability of the recognition procedure regardless of time of day and weather should not be less than 90%.

A photograph of the vehicle must “serve to identify the distinctive features of the vehicle.” Cameras with the function of tracking (record the path of the machine, for example, “Arrow”) is forbidden to measure the speed at a distance closer than 50 m. the complex should be placed on road sections with poor visibility, near schools, at intersections and in places where there have been more than three accidents with victims per year.