Thai General was sentenced to 27 years in prison for abuse of migrants

Manus Kongpan

A court in Bangkok sentenced to 27 years in prison of General Manus Kangana for bribery and abuse of migrants. On Friday, July 21, according to Reuters.

The investigation began after in 2015 in the southern province of Songkhla was discovered a mass grave of people mostly belonging to the people of Rohingya.

Smugglers transported people to Thailand from Myanmar and Bangladesh. Kongpan was responsible for the extradition of migrants who arrived in Thailand illegally. Under his leadership, the military imprisoned migrants in a boat without a motor, oars and sails, in the result, many died in transit.

Just on suspicion of involvement in this case convicted 62 people.

The General himself categorically denies that migrants badly treated. In his words, he “tried to help them, paying for the food and water out of pocket”.

Rohingya people living in Western parts of Myanmar. As Muslims, the Rohingya complained of harassment on the part of the Buddhists-the Burmese and emigrate to a neighboring state.