Three Kenyans executed for the robbery and the strip searches women

Three Kenyans found guilty of robbery and sexual violence against women, sentenced to death by hanging. On Wednesday, July 19, reports the Daily Nation.

It is noted that the death sentence was handed down for robbery with violence. For sexual harassment they received 25 years in prison, but this measure was immediately repealed in accordance with the principle of absorption of punishments.

The judge stated that the defendants participated “in a senseless and flagrant act, which they probably enjoyed because they expressed delight, Stripping a woman.” “What you thought was a joke, should not get away with, since the personal space of women and the rules of decency must be respected in all circumstances,” the judge was quoted by local newspaper the Star.

The incident occurred in September 2014 at a gas station in the village Giterai 44 (Nairobi district). Bus driver Nicholas Mwangi (Mwangi Nicholas), together with the conductor Meshack Mwangi (Meshack Mwangi) and the employee of the filling station Edward Ndungu (Edward Ndung’u) attacked a passenger. They stole about 10 thousand Kenyan shillings (almost $ 100), Samsung Galaxy phone, a bottle water perfume, a clutch bag and cosmetic kit.

Men stripped his victim. This process came in the video later, the video has spread in social networks and led to mass protests in Nairobi, says BBC News. The victim said in court that the video lasts 59 seconds, but the abuse of it lasted much longer. She also stated that the bus in the time of the incident there were about seven men. According to her, they wanted to rape her, but she lied that you are HIV-positive.