Police arrested a Saudi Prince by order of the king

Police arrested a Saudi Prince by order of the king

MOSCOW, July 20 — RIA Novosti. Police in Riyadh arrested the representative of the Royal dynasty of Saudi Arabia’s king Salman of videos, in which the Prince attacks on people, reports channel Al-Ekhbariya.

Earlier in social networks there are videos and photos where, presumably, the Prince is attacking the people, including women.

“King Salman bin Abdulaziz al Saud issued a decree for the immediate arrest of Prince Saud Ben Abdul-Aziz Ben Musaid and put in jail, him and all who appeared with him in the infamous video, which depicted the abuse of power and violations of the law”, — transfers the channel.

Police in Riyadh arrested the Prince shortly after the appearance of the video, the video of the arrest was published by the portal Eremnews. According to the portal, the 27-year-old Prince is the first to appear in the news the official media.

WATCH: #Riyadh #police arrests “abusive” #Saudi #princehttps://t.co/Fb7TbwKXBP pic.twitter.com/V15BYINsrF

— Arab News (@Arab_News) on July 20, 2017
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According to the decree, the competent authorities should conduct an investigation, hearing of witnesses.