In Germany announced a change in the course of relations with Turkey

Sigmar Gabriel

The German government intends to revise its policy towards Turkey. This was announced by the Minister of foreign Affairs of Germany, Sigmar Gabriel, his words reports Deutsche Welle.

The Minister explained that from now on, to develop relations with Ankara as it used to anymore. Will be revised the terms of Turkey loans and economic aid, as well as the efforts of Berlin at preparing Ankara for membership of the EU. Also, the German foreign Minister will toughen safety advice about the Germans wanting to travel to Turkey.

On 19 July the Turkish Ambassador in Germany was summoned to the foreign Ministry. The occasion was the arrest of a German human rights activist Peter Steudtner in Turkey. Because of this, Gabriel was forced to interrupt his vacation on the shore of the North sea and back to Berlin.

July 18, Turkey arrested the head of the Turkish mission of the organization Amnesty International Edile SR and five human rights activists, among whom was Steudtner.