Fashionable where to go this summer? The most popular holiday destinations

Fashionable where to go this summer? The most popular holiday destinations

As tour operators say, people now want all of their trip was memorable. So where to go in the summer of 2017, and to relax and experience something new?

For many of us the holiday is a chance not just lie in the sun, but also to experience something new, exotic, and this trend plays an important role in the economic development of many countries.

I want to try many things while not skating ambrosoli Роув26 years

In October, she plans to go to Mexico to meet up with friend from high school, who looks after the ranch.

“Maybe I will try their hand at the farm,” laughs Polly.

Last year she traveled to Belize to volunteer at company in the protection of marine resources, and a whole month went diving.

The most ambitious of her journey include New Zealand and Japan.

During her visits she spends most of the money for travel and new experiences.

“I mostly stay in student hostels-hostels (hostels) in order to save money for some things that I want to try,” she says.

Factor bragging rights

Polly relates to the generation of travelers who crave not only to relax and laze around, but to get a new experience.

The main holiday for this age group is the “brag factor”Tim Friesodielsia the British branch of the company STA Travel

According to him, in recent years people much more often began to choose not previously popular destinations.

Thailand remains the most popular holiday destination, but has also raised the demand for less popular destinations such as the Philippines and Sri Lanka.

“The demand caused by the impact of social networks. They [users] want to find something unique and special, and all this to demonstrate,” says fryer.

The average age of the clients of this Agency — 20 years.

Many of them just graduated high school and took a year off before University to see the world and experience itself.

New directions

Azerbaijan, Mongolia, Iceland, Cyprus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Costa Rica, Georgia and Sri Lanka among those countries where, according to the world Council for tourism and travel, tourism is steadily increasing and they are now competing with more traditional destinations such as India, China and Indonesia.

Such an influx of tourists can be a huge help for the country, which not many other ways to bring money into the Treasury, but even for developed countries, tourism is very important.

Last year international tourist spending in the country amounted to 6.6% of total world exports, and slightly less than 25% of the total exports of goods and services. Overall last year the income from tourism amounted to about 10% of global growth.

But that’s where we go on vacation depends, of course, on the political situation.

A traditional destination for vacationers — Tunisia — “disappeared” from the map after 2015, when the city of Sousse on the Mediterranean coast killed 38 tourists from different countries (30 of them from Britain) at the hands of Islamist, had communication with the extremist organization “Islamic state” (banned in several countries, including Russia). The British foreign office still does not recommend travel to this country without much need.

The five most popular destinations for a vacation: Spain, Greece, Turkey, USA, Cyprus