“VKontakte” together with major public launches first reality show

“VKontakte” together with major public launches first reality show

Casting participants among the subscribers of the MDK community, “Ward No. 6”, “Soup” and “evil Corporation”.

Social network “Vkontakte” launches online reality show “Publichnye of the game.” About TASS reported the press service of the company.

About the beginning of the casting was announced on 15 July at VK Fest. In the first season will involve subscribers of the four largest communities in social networks: MDK, “Ward No. 6”, “Soup” and “evil Corporation”. Be selected 24 people. They will have to complete 24 tasks. Heroes will be available to remove 100 cameras, the video will be streamed live in “Vkontakte”.

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Press Secretary of “Vkontakte” Eugene Krasnikov emphasized that this is the first show of this format, which is fully held in the social network.

This is the first reality show, which is all over the social network — do it yourself public. It is the most technologically advanced: for example, the weakest players will determine the neural network. The smaller the party is in the frame, the higher its chances to leave the project.Yevgeny Krasnikov Press-Secretary of “Vkontakte”

To participate in the show, anyone can now pass the audition with a chat bot in any of the four public servers. Selection will be engaged in community administrators. It is noted that what is happening in “Publicznych games” will be able to influence the audience with the help of donations.

The production of the program involved in the company Divico and Mastiff (“Holiday in Mexico”, “Top model in Russian”).