The mayor of Omsk Dvorakovsky written statement of assignment

The mayor of Omsk Dvorakovsky written statement of assignment

OMSK, July 19. /Offset. TASS Alexey Petrov/. The mayor of Omsk Vyacheslav Dvorakovsky has written a statement removing him on their own authority of the mayor, said on Wednesday, TASS, the representative of the city Council Irina Serebrennikov.

“Today in the beginning of the meeting Galina (Gorst, Chairman of the city Council — approx. TASS) has informed the deputies that the city Council received a statement from Vyacheslav Viktorovich (Dvorakovsky) on the withdrawal of the authority from July 19. The question will be considered extras at the end of the meeting,” said Serebrennikov.

Earlier Dvorakovsky was going to leave the post of mayor only after the election of a new mayor, which was held in the spring, but was postponed to autumn this year.

Invalid elections

Spring in the list of candidates for mayor were 23 candidates, but the Commission refused to register the six nominees due to the lack of some necessary documents. Deputy Chairman of the government of the Omsk region Stanislav Grebenshchikov withdrew from the elections on April 13 for health reasons, and on April 17 it became known that Russia’s Investigative Committee opened against him a criminal case on suspicion in abuse of power.