The Council of judges of Krasnodar checked the judge after the marriage of her daughter

Elena Khakhaleva

Krasnodar judge Elena Khakhaleva did not pay for his daughter’s wedding, the holiday was financed by her ex-husband Robert Hachalav. About it reported to “” the Chairman of the regional judicial Council Vladimir Kislyak.

“We sent requests to the organizers of the event, and they provided us with two contracts for the provision of services and payment orders,” he said. According to him, one of the documents for the Banquet and the lease of premises from which it follows that the amount of two million rubles paid for Hachalav Robert onikovich. His name is listed on the second payment order under the contract on the organization of celebrations: flowers, photographer, etc., at 2.5 million rubles, said Kislyak.

“Thus, Hahaleva did not participate in the organization and financing of the wedding, like she said, the event was paid for by her ex-husband” — he explained.

As for the participation of Russian pop stars at the festival, Kislyak referred to their comments that they were invited, the fees are not received. “The queries we send to them can’t, they are not members of the judicial community,” he said.

The head of Krasnodar of the Council of judges also announced the intention to verify media reports that Hahaleva not studied at Tbilisi state University and received a diploma there. In Georgia, sent a request after receiving a response from the University will be decided, said Kislyak.

According to him, in accordance with the law Hahaleva provides a Declaration of their income, it is in the public domain. “The Commission verifies the authenticity of information provided annually”, — said the head of the Council of judges.

July 15, the network has published a video on June 10, wedding the daughter of a judge of the Krasnodar regional court. It was noted that the event, which was attended by pop stars, allegedly at a cost of two million dollars.

According to official data from the website of the regional court, in 2016 the income of Kahalewai amounted to 2.6 million rubles. In a residential house with an area of almost 67 square meters and two plots of land area of 300 and 851 square meter.