The apparatus of the state Duma will be taught the rules of the Russian language

The apparatus of the state Duma declared competition on carrying out of courses for advanced training of their employees. Relevant documentation is available on the portal of public procurement.

There are two courses: “Written business Russian language: language legislation and official documents and civil service: basics service activities, effective business communication technologies”. At first, according to the document, it is planned to allocate 265,6 thousand rubles, the second — 256,5 thousand.

Classes in Russian language will be given 38 hours, they will be visited by 52 employees. Among the compulsory topics to be studied: the problem of kantselyarita, professional jargon in the documents and the rules of declension non-standard names.

Enrollment will end on August 8. It is planned that the staff of the lower house of Parliament will be trained before the end of the year.

According to the source “Kommersant”, the purchase is initiated by human resources. “Similar programs to the staff annually for their employees. Every three years all employees must improve their skills”, he said.

In October on the procurement website, a competition was announced for the supply of new furniture for the lower house of Parliament. Update the interior of the state Duma was estimated at 180 million rubles.