Muslim neutralized attacked him bandit and fed it scrambled eggs

The caretaker of one of Dublin’s mosques neutralized armed robber with a knife and fed him scrambled eggs. It is reported resource the Irish Independent.

Ali Yasin found 28-year-old Steven Boyle when he was hiding under the table, and demanded that he leave. In response, Boyle pounced on a Yassin with a knife, stabbed him and tried to escape. The caretaker, however, caught up with the assailant, knocked him down and asked him to calm down. He then made some eggs, fed the attacker and he agreed to listen to the story

After Breakfast, Boyle is gone, without permission, taking with him two mobile phones. The next day, Yassin went to the center of the city to block he owned the room and randomly re-met Boyle. He apologized and returned the stolen equipment.

At the trial he pleaded guilty to theft. Boyle, however, explained that they forgot about the phones when he left the hospitable Yassin, who was named “good guy”.

As specifies the edition, behind Boyle already 110 charges in various crimes, 63 of which are accusations of robbery. “This is your last chance,” said judge Karen O’connor. Sentencing is expected in August.