Medvedev in the Novgorod school have shown the robotics lab


Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev visited the new middle school N36 Derzhavin, built in Veliky Novgorod: he spoke about implemented here directions, profile of learning and have shown the robotics lab, design and drones.

The Director of the school Svetlana Matveeva, met the Prime Minister at the entrance, gave him a pass number 001. When Medvedev made it to the turnstile, the system identified the Prime Minister and was allowed to enter the building. Matveyev said that with this same system using pass children and teachers can not only take place in the building, but also to pay for meals in the dining room.

The Director also told the Prime Minister about the areas of school education, which are implemented in the school of bio-medical, Humanities and law, as well as physical and technical. Medvedev visited several laboratories working in the school.

In the laboratory, “AERONET” teacher Daniel Flowers and his disciple Timothy told the Prime Minister about how they study and develop technology associated with the use of unmanned aerial vehicles. In particular, they showed made using drones 3D model of the school and told about prospects of creation of similar models for the entire community. Medvedev praised the student and his teacher, and noted that such developments can be very useful to implement plans for landscaping around the country.

After that, the head of the Cabinet visited the robotics lab.

“It [the lab] is already filled with high-quality equipment, — estimated seen by the Prime Minister. — Look nice”. He also noted the modern laboratory equipment design, which called for afterwards.

In conclusion, the Prime Minister got acquainted with the construction plans Derevenskogo of the district of Veliky Novgorod, where the school is constructed of No. 36. The city’s mayor Yury Bobryshev told Medvedev that it is planned to build 1.5 million square meters of housing to live 60-65 thousand people. The district is created all necessary infrastructure, including two schools, several kindergartens, sports and other facilities.

The acting Governor of the region Andrei Nikitin gave Medvedev the memory of this trip, a copy of the seal of Yaroslav the Wise, and the mayor of the city – a colorful booklet about Veliky Novgorod.

School N36 created in 2017. It is designed for 1350 seats, the building area of nearly 17.5 thousand square meters has 64 classrooms and 22 specialized laboratories. Here are the cabinets of extracurricular and research activities, specialized classrooms, an auditorium, three gymnasiums, two libraries, a gym and a dining room. Training at school is conducted in one shift. The institution is staffed by 90%. All classes are equipped with interactive and conventional whiteboards, multimedia projectors.