Gardeners of the suburbs promised a rich harvest of apples

In the suburbs it is expected a large harvest of apples in 2017, said first Deputy Chairman of the Moscow regional Duma, Chairman of the Union of gardeners of the Moscow region Nikita Chaplin. His words are on the website of the regional government on Tuesday, July 18.

“Growers believe national signs, all the signs expected a good crop of apples,” said Chaplin.

In mid-June, the government of Moscow region announced a high yield of mushrooms. This was facilitated by the rainy and cool weather, explained the head of the forestry Committee of the region Ivan Advisers.

The cold delayed the start of strawberry season in the region. At the same time, according to the Minister of agriculture and food of Andrei Razin, the volume of crop is not affected. He also noted that the suburban strawberries even more expensive to import, but is completely free from nitrates. In addition, the rainy summer was good for a number of rare plant species in the Moscow region.

In June and the first half of July, the summer in mosoblasti was rainy and cool, twice the capital and the area, a strong hurricane struck.