A hacker stole a database of half a million Belgian patients

An unknown hacker stole a database containing names, phone numbers and e-mail addresses of half a million patients of different hospitals of Belgium. It is reported by Le Soir.

The attacker managed to crack popular service Digitale Wachtkamer, which is used for the electronic record to the doctors. Medical cards were not stolen, however, the database contained complaints that people have sought medical help.

Hackers put the stolen database, on sale for 85 thousand Euro. Manual Digitale Wachtkamer addressed with the statement in the police unit responsible for investigations in the field of digital technologies.

Earlier, on 19 July it was reported that over the last four months detained in China 4.8 thousand people involved in the theft of personal data. The main source of such information was the employees of companies and government agencies that illegally obtained and sold database. Subsequently, these personal details were used by other criminals for deliberate fraud or extortion.