Turkish Parliament extended the state of emergency for another 90 days

The Turkish Parliament for the fourth time has extended for 90 days the state of emergency in the country imposed after a coup attempt. On Monday, July 17, according to Hürriyet Daily News.

The authorities explain the need to extend the state of emergency the struggle against terrorist threats. As the newspaper notes, in particular, we are talking about the organization of the FETO-headed hiding in the U.S. preacher Fethullah gülen.

Earlier Monday, the Turkish government sent to Parliament a request for the extension of the regime. It is noted that the decision in the legislature was made with the support of the deputies of the ruling justice and development.

For the first time the state of emergency for a period of three months was introduced in Turkey on 21 July 2016, six days after the coup attempt.

July 15, 2016 in Turkey, there was a coup which took the lives of 248 people, more than 2.7 thousand were injured. After these events, the country held mass purges in government, the security services, courts, army, educational institutions.

Against the state of emergency are the leaders of the EU and representatives of the Turkish opposition. They believe that it threatens freedom and human rights in the country.

FETO — opposition to the current Turkish leadership group. Ankara accuses of attempting a coup d’etat in July 2016. The Turkish authorities also claimed that the Gulen organization involved in the murder of Russian Ambassador Andrei Karlov on 19 December of the same year.