The White house confirmed the implementation of Iran nuclear deal

Senior us administration said that Iran fulfils the terms of the nuclear agreement with world powers, but violates the spirit of these agreements. About it reports Reuters.

One of the officials explained that the President of the United States Donald trump and Secretary of state Rex Tillerson suggested that Iran “remains one of the most dangerous threats to U.S. interests and regional stability.” This is reflected in the development of the missile program, support for terrorist organizations, complicity in war crimes in Syria and threats to the waterways of the Persian Gulf.

Iran and the six international mediators (US, Russia, China, Britain, France, Germany) in mid-July 2015 reached agreement on Tehran’s nuclear program and signed a Joint comprehensive plan of action (SVPD). The Islamic Republic pledged to restrict work in the field of uranium enrichment in exchange for lifting some sanctions.

Under us law, the Department of State have every thirty days to notify Congress about Iran’s compliance with the terms of the AGREEMENT.