The state office of public Prosecutor asked to check the Kuban judge after the scandal with the wedding

Elena Khakhaleva

State Duma Deputy Anton Getta sent a request to the Prosecutor General and the High qualification Board of judges after the scandal with the wedding of the daughter of Krasnodar judge Elena Kahalewai. About it on Monday, July 17, TASS reported.

“Reacted to the indignation of society, which arose in connection with the publications and stories connected with the wedding, which appears as the judge of the Krasnodar territory. I sent the corresponding request to address Board of judges and Prosecutor General of the Russian Federation”, — said the legislator who expects these structures will check the compliance costs of the tax Declaration of the official.

Getta noted that other parliamentarians will reflect on the amendments to the law “On combating corruption”. “[When an officer] can’t prove the legitimacy [of origin] funds, they are withdrawn in the state income. Because there is no way to prescribe funded services — how to get back the performance by [singer Nicholas] Baskov, for example? But we think including above the law, that such things are recorded,” — said the Deputy, who is also the coordinator of the project of the Russian popular front (onf) “For fair procurement”.

July 15, the network has published a video on June 10, wedding the daughter of a judge of the Krasnodar regional court. It was noted that the event, which, in addition to Baskov, was attended by other stars, allegedly at a cost of two million dollars.

Later Elena Khakhaleva stated that triumph paid her ex-husband, who is the father of the bride. In turn, the businessman Robert Hachalav (took his wife’s surname), said that the wedding of his daughter was worth a maximum of five million rubles, and celebrity — his friends.

According to official data from the website of the regional court, in 2016 the income of Kahalewai amounted to 2.6 million rubles. In a residential house with an area of almost 67 square meters and two plots of land area of 300 and 851 square meter.