The rate of giant dinosaurs.

The rate of giant dinosaurs.

German, American and British scientists have calculated the maximum speed which could move the dinosaurs. A study published in the journal Nature Ecology & Evolution.

For example, tyrannosaurs (weighing about six tons) could reach the speed of 30 kilometers per hour, a small velociraptors (20 kg) — up to 40 kilometers per hour, a large brahiozavry (about 80 tons) — up to 18 kilometers per hour.

The study shows that the maximum speed of the animals increases up to some value of its body mass, and then decreases. The reason for this, according to experts, is the energy deficit that occurs in the animal body during its accelerated motion until reaching the maximum speed.

To such conclusions the authors came, creating a model that allows to predict the maximum speed of the developing animal, knowing only the weight of his body. In the basis of construction professionals formed the empirical data of 474 species with a mass of 30 micrograms to a hundred tons.