The rains caused damage in China, $ 32 million

Heavy rains in Eastern China have caused damage in the amount of 220 million yuan (32 million dollars). This is with reference to the Ministry of civil Affairs, China, reports TASS.

Completely destroyed more than three thousand buildings, hospitals operate in emergency mode because of the influx of patients. In total for last days of the rain affected more than 360 thousand people, carried out mass evacuation of residents of certain districts of the provinces of Hubei, Shandong, Jiangsu, Anhui and Henan.

Rains in the East and Central provinces of China began on 22 June. In the disaster area were more than 12.2 million residents.

In Hunan province, 83 people were killed or went missing, 53 destroyed thousands of homes and another 18 were victims of floods in Jilin province. On liquidation of consequences of flooding of abandoned 52 thousand military personnel, police officers, firefighters and employees of government departments, said the Chinese Agency.