Not just words: Kadyrov explained his statement about nuclear missiles

The head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov explained his statement about the nuclear missiles that are launched automatically in the case of attack on Russia, saying that it was not just words. “It’s not just words, we will do so. For our government is willing to give his life” – wrote Kadyrov in his Telegram.

Kadyrov told about the missiles in an interview with the American channel HBO. Asked whether he considers the U.S. an enemy of Russia. Kadyrov said that America is not such a strong state in order to perceive it that way. “We have a strong government, we are a nuclear power. Even if our government completely destroy, automatically our nuclear missiles will fly, and we the whole world will turn,” – said Kadyrov.

The full interview will be shown on Tuesday. While the network has got only bits and pieces.