In the second Kemerovo kindergarten was found to have problems with radiation

In Kemerovo sealed for 50 days with two rooms in the kindergarten where there were unacceptable radon levels in the air. This was reported on the website of the regional Department of the Federal bailiff service.

“It’s the therapist’s office and the room of one of the groups of pupils”, — noted in the text. Children continue to attend the institution.

The kindergarten administration has prosecuted for violation of legislation in the field of sanitary-epidemiological well-being (article 6.3 of the administrative code).

The study was conducted during a scheduled inspection of the establishment by staff of the CPS in early July.

This is the second kindergarten in Kemerovo, where increased background radiation. In the first also found a high concentration of radon in the air. Survey of the premises in the institution, working more than 50 years, spent after another repair. Now it was closed for 60 days.

Radon — a colorless inert gas that is present in soil and rocks. At a certain concentration into the human body, radon contributes to processes that lead to lung cancer.