In Japan at the 106th year of life died the practitioner

In Japan at the 106th year of life died the practitioner

TOKYO, 18 Jul — RIA Novosti, Xenia Naka. Japanese doctor Shigeaki Hinohara, following after his 100-year anniversary and is in Japan a symbol of longevity, died in Tokyo at the 106th year of life, according to broadcaster NHK.

Hinohara was the chief doctor of the International clinic of St. Luke, Chairman of the Board of Directors, honorary chief physician. Special popularity he gained after 90 years has published the essay “Living with skill”, the circulation of which exceeded 1.2 million copies. Special attention he paid to a team approach to treatment, which was engaged in education of staff nurses. He became one of the first who proved the link between a healthy lifestyle, a positive Outlook on life and active longevity.

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“I believe my mission is to transfer knowledge about how to maintain not only physical health but also a healthy soul”, — quotes the NHK excerpt from his 2005 interview.

At the age of 88 years he wrote the script for the musical and he made it as an actor. In the 90 years he realized his dream and stood on the podium of the orchestra. Musical evenings he spent in the hospital for their patients. He magnificently celebrated its 105th anniversary last fall, what with the guests made a trip to Taiwan.

Shigeaki Hinohara died Tuesday morning at the age of 105 years from respiratory failure.