Heavy rains led to the formation of the “ravines” on the route Moscow — Saint Petersburg

In the Novgorod region near the village of zaytsevo rains led to the destruction of the embankment and the partial collapse of the roadway on the route Moscow — St. Petersburg (M10). On Monday, July 17, reports “Interfax”.

According to the correspondent of the Agency, employees of the road services pelted with stones and tires resulting “ravines” with a width of several meters and a depth of one meter, but due to heavy rains, they continue to increase.

Fixing damage specialist explained that at the moment there is no threat for the next track car. Full repair work on the damaged stretch of road will begin on Tuesday.

On 14 July it was reported that a village near Moscow Demenkove were cut off from the outside world after leading to her bridge washed away by heavy rains. 10 days before this a similar incident occurred in the village of Rumyantsevo in the same Ruza district of the region. There is traffic on the bridge was restored in a day.