Virus Petya could not hack the servers of the government of Sevastopol

Virus Petya could not hack the servers of the government of Sevastopol

Moscow. July 17. INTERFAX.RU — Network virus the Trojan Petya attacked the servers of the government of Sevastopol, but the data stored on computers in state institutions of the region, was not affected, said the Department of Informatization and communications of the Executive authority of the city.

“Attack of the virus have been unsuccessful largely because we use solutions based on Linux. The problem was quickly localized, all the shortcomings have been removed. The data do not suffer,” — are reported words of the head of Department of Informatization of Denis Timofeev.

The attack occurred on Friday, July 14, but the city only learned about it Monday.

Virus-extortionist Petya propagating in a similar way with malicious cryptographer WannaCry in June has hit the computers of companies, port operators and government agencies in Europe, USA and Asia.

Experts ESET virus lab, said that the spread of malware-ransomware Petya began with Ukraine. This country has most suffered from cyber-attacks. The ten countries that were mostly affected by the virus that also included Italy, Israel, Serbia, Hungary, Romania, Poland, Argentina, Czech Republic and Germany. In Russia large-scale hacker attack servers of Rosneft and Bashneft, the steel company Evraz and a number of smaller companies.

Experts believe that the malware uses the same vulnerability as the virus WannaCry.