The most popular destinations for flights in August

Flight Moscow — Antalya was the most popular destination of flights from Russia to far abroad in August. This experts of tourist service “” has told to the correspondent “”.

Experts came to this conclusion after analyzing information about the book on the last month of summer tickets. Second and third places went to flight from Moscow to tel Aviv and Istanbul respectively. In fourth place is the route Moscow — Seoul. The top five flights from the Russian capital in new York.

The average price in the far abroad countries accounted for 27.5 thousand rubles in both ends. It is 20 percent cheaper than in August 2016. It also became known that the tourists in the third month of summer booked one and a half times more tickets in Antalya and in Istanbul in comparison with the same period last year.

In the segment of neighboring countries in the top five included flights from Moscow to Chisinau, Tbilisi, Baku, Bishkek, Batumi. The average price of flights was 10 percent lower than in August 2016, and amounted to 17 thousand rubles round trip. The share of tickets purchased in Baku increased by almost two times.

Russian rating areas for August is headed by the flight Moscow — Simferopol. The number of the executed in this area of tickets has fallen by approximately five percent in comparison with last year.

The top 5 also included flights from the capital to Sochi and Anapa from Saint Petersburg to Simferopol, and from Moscow to Kaliningrad. The average ticket price in Russia has not changed in comparison with the year 2016 (16.3 thousand).

In June it was reported that the most popular among Russians family’s summer destinations of the flights were Bulgarian Burgas (Bulgaria), Antalya (Turkey), Sochi, Simferopol and the Cyprus-Larnaca (Cyprus).