The health Ministry has proposed to prohibit the sale of alcohol at the weekend

The Ministry of health of Russia discussed the question of the inclusion in the Strategy of formation of healthy lifestyle of the population of the regulations on the ban on the sale of alcohol on weekends. About this newspaper “Izvestia”.

The relevant proposal was made by the State research center for preventive medicine (NYCPM) under the Ministry.

According to scientists of the Institute, steps to combat alcohol abuse and alcohol prevention, ongoing, is not enough. The local authorities have the right to limit locations and hours of alcohol sales, but across the country, as a rule, do not practice restrictions that last more than one day. “There are no restrictions on the sale of alcohol at the weekend”, — stated in the project.

As noted, after approval of the document at the interagency level, it will become clear how the proposal to ban sales of alcohol at the weekend may be practiced.

As an example, existing severe restrictions on the sale of alcohol is Chukotka Autonomous Okrug. In several villages of this region it is impossible to buy alcohol from one to six days a week. In the village of Anadyr Krasneno municipal district alcohol do not sell.

The Ministry and the Ministry of Finance officially this initiative of the Ministry of health not received. In the Ministry the request for publication is not answered.

The project of strategy of formation of healthy lifestyle of the population appeared in the year 2017. The Ministry of health is currently discussing with experts and Federal authorities the second version of the document. It proposes, in particular, to specify on the bottle the maximum allowable daily dose of alcohol in milliliters, to prohibit Smoking VAPI and electronic cigarettes in public places, and restrict all forms of advertising of junk food, sweets and carbonated drinks.

In may, the Centre for national alcohol policy development (CRNP) suggested that the Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev to ban the demonstration of scenes of drinking alcohol on TV from 6 to 23 hours. However, the state Duma declared the impossibility of such a step.

Earlier in July, the Ministry of health has proposed to restrict product placement of alcohol in movies, TV shows, and printed materials.