The father of the bride with the controversial Cuban wedding appreciated the celebration

Continued: he explained the speech at the wedding of the daughter of the judge family ties

Businessman Robert Hachalav, ex-husband of a judge from the Krasnodar region Elena Kahalewai, said that his daughter’s wedding cost a maximum of five million rubles. His words are quoted

“What is that supposed to be at the wedding, which costs two million dollars?” the entrepreneur said. He added that celebrities who were present at the event as guests, his childhood friends. “And most of all spending was for the payment of the hall, which already includes the Banquet, presenters and music. Dress daughter a cost of 110 thousand rubles, I paid for it with my credit card. And no Bentley newlyweds are not presented. I can present daughter any of the expensive cars,” — said Hachalav.

The businessman said that the income of the official, it reports on the income in tax. “How much you spend on their children is my own business, and to make excuses for the wedding I’m not going”, — he stressed.

Earlier on Monday, July 17, the judge of the Krasnodar regional court Elena Khakhaleva also said that the amount of two million dollars taken from the ceiling.

July 15, the network has published a video on June 10, the festival, which is rumored to cost two million dollars. At the event, then wrote attended singers Nikolai Baskov, Valery Meladze, Iosif Kobzon and Vera Brezhnev, and as a gift for the couple — a girl named Sophia and a member of the regional Department of the Investigative Committee allegedly received a Bentley.


“Komsomolskaya Pravda” found that before the wedding Elena and Kahalewai Robert was the name of Silcilian, he was born in Georgia. The couple raised two children: daughter Sophia and son Cyril, who at age 22 became one of the youngest deputies of the regional legislative Assembly. Since 2004, the couple are divorced. According to the newspaper, now Hachalav directs the agricultural enterprise which is engaged in crop and animal production. “His activities have caused resentment of the local farmers that tractor March was going to go to Moscow”, — notes the edition. The entrepreneur is also the co-founder of the microfinance organization, taxi service and pawnshop.

As reported TASS, Elena Khakhaleva was appointed judge of the Krasnodar regional court in 2004, is engaged, in particular, the consideration of land disputes farmers.