Off the coast of Cameroon crashed transport a boat of the Navy of the country

Off the coast of Cameroon crashed transport boat “Mademba” the country’s Navy, which was carrying 37 soldiers of the battalion rapid response. On Monday, July 17, according to

Rescuers managed to pull out of the water three men, the rest are unaccounted for.

According to preliminary information, the boat capsized and quickly sank. To investigate the reasons for the incident created a special Commission.

26 December 2016 in Uganda on lake albert crashed the ship with the football team and fans on Board. Nine people were killed. “The boat was overcrowded. The witness of the incident said that many passengers sat on the edge of the ship, forcing him to lose balance,” — said the commander of the local police, John Rutger. Also the police reported that the steering of the ship and most of the passengers were in a state of intoxication before setting sail.