A bill to toughen the punishment for abetment of suicide submitted to the state Duma

In the state Duma a bill to toughen responsibility for incitement to suicide, if it led to death. The document published in the electronic database of the lower house of Parliament.

The bill was developed by deputies from the faction “United Russia” Vladimir Vasilyev, Vasily Piskarev and Ernest Valeev. They offered to double (from 5 to 10 years) periods of imprisonment, if such offense is committed against two or more persons.

The authors of the document indicate that the changes will concern first and foremost the organizers of the “groups of death” because through the Internet they have an impact on an indefinite circle of persons.

Up to 15 years in prison is proposed to give those criminals whose victims are children and pregnant women, and people who are in a helpless or dependent from them.

Currently, article 110.1 of the Criminal code provides for equal responsibility (up to 5 years of imprisonment) for inducing or assisting suicide, which led to the death of one or more persons.

On 7 June, the law on criminal responsibility for incitement to suicide, including through a network, as well as for involving children in the deadly games was signed by the President of Russia Vladimir Putin.

In may 2016 “Tape.ru” has published its own investigation on such public pages in social networks and the arrest of Philip Budykina, known under the pseudonym Philip Fox. According to the investigation, the actions of this young man influenced the decision of 15 Teens to take his own life.