Zakharova accused the “White helmets” in the denigration of the Syrian authorities



The official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova called the organization “White helmets” next element “information campaign to demonize the government of Syria” and an example of “information carousel”. This opinion was expressed at a briefing on Friday, July 14, reports TASS.

According to the diplomat, “White helmets” paid a lot of attention from the Western media, “they are very coordinated, very smoothly”. However, activists have access to those areas of Syria, where you can’t get many foreign journalists.

“Thereby eliminating the objective test data that “Belorusochka” supposedly collected in the field beats the government forces and the Russian space forces. (…) We remember that a chemical attack on civilians in Syria deliberately spun in the media field it is largely thanks to the representatives of the “White helmets”. They often warned in advance that supposedly will reset chlorine bomb”, — Zakharova recalled.

At the beginning of April controlled by the Syrian opposition Khan Sheyhun (Idlib) was made the gas attack. Killing 87 people, injured about 200. Opponents of official Damascus and the West have blamed the attack on government troops. The SAR government assure that the army did not use chemical weapons.

Evidence that government forces had indeed committed in the region himataku presented, in particular, members of the “White helmets”. However, the Swedish NGO “Doctors for human rights” (SWEDHR) doubted their veracity. Human rights activists recalled that “Belorusochka” in the past more than once caught in such fraud.