The Venezuelan President agreed to a referendum the opposition

The Venezuelan President agreed to a referendum the opposition

MEXICO city, 16 Oct — RIA Novosti. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said Saturday that it agreed with the holding of the so-called people’s referendum the opposition, however, urged to spend it peacefully.

Earlier, the opposition, the Parliament approved the holding of Sunday’s referendum and the “Roundtable of democratic unity” has approved three questions that will need to respond to citizens.

Question submitted: “You deny and do not acknowledge the implementation of the national constituent Assembly without prior approval of the Venezuelan people?”, “You require from the national Bolivarian armed forces to obey and defend the Constitution of 1999 and to support the decisions of the National Assembly?”, “Do you agree that revision of state power under the Constitution, held free elections and established the government of national unity?”.

“Please escort your internal referendum the right-wing parties very well, but the urge Venezuelans to this Sunday they took part in the planned political events peacefully, with respect for the ideas and the world” — leads the channel NTN24 Maduro statement.