Rodina: in the Tver region will continue to struggle with illegal migration


The government of the Tver region will continue to strengthen the fight against illegal migration, said the Governor of the region Igor Rudenya.

“Today one of the main objectives is the strengthening and development of regional economy. The element of this work — the fight against illegal migration. We need systemic measures to minimize the migration flow and make it manageable just as much as this is required by the regional economy,” said Rudina reporters on Friday at the ceremony of official vehicles by the Commissioner of police of the Tver region.

According to him, an important step in addressing these challenges will be the establishment of a regional migration centre.

“We are already seeing a positive trend in the region. Recorded a downward trend in the number of so-called “rubber” apartments. We can say that today the Tver region has ceased to be referred to as an area where units can be legalized”, — said the head of the region.

Work on regulating migration processes was conducted in partnership with the Department of internal Affairs across the Tver region. According to the chief of regional Department of the MIA of Vladimir Andreev, in the first half of 2017, the number of migrants in the region decreased by 5%, decrease their criminal activity, for the six months migrants committed 40% fewer crimes than the same period last year.

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